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Tips and Tricks to Run an Effective Prototype and Acumen ran an amazing Human Centered Design course over summer 2013 which offered great advise on creating social impact. As a community we can learn and use their materials on prototyping to create more impact.

Introducing the OpenIDEO University Toolkit

One element that makes our OpenIDEO community so unique is the diversity. Now we're making it easier for global university students to get involved in our design challenges for social impact.

Recycling Challenge: Tips for Ideas

Our Recycling Challenge is already proving to be an exciting global call to action that's inspiring people to rethink their relationship with waste. With over 300 contributions to the Inspiration phase, the conversation is energised with thoughtful stories, examples and insights. And we’re just getting started – from the community member who went out to talk to his local recycling plant, to the brave members who took on our Zero Waste Challenge by eliminating all waste for a week – we’re pumped to keep the positive energy moving.

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #8

How might our words promote communities that are safer and empowering for women and girls? We can't even count all the ways.

Women's Safety Challenge – Ideas We Love

With over 300 idea contributions so far, our Women’s Safety Challenge is buzzing with dynamic, thoughtful content. We are inspired to see a healthy mix of existing community members participating, in addition to an influx of new members diving in to expand the conversation around safety for women and girls. As we move towards the final weeks of the Ideas phase, let’s be sure to continue brainstorming around our Opportunity Areas. Whether you’re just joining us in the challenge or have been active in the conversation from the beginning, check out these contribution highlights for some extra inspiration.

Prototyping Phase 1: Women's Safety Challenge

As a part of my Community Prototyper role, I will be prototyping an idea from the Women's Safety Challenge in the field. In my first post I broke down the prototyping process into three steps, the first of which is creating a storyboard of the user journey. Presenting the idea with visuals + language communicates the idea to the audience easier and helps you get to know your user needs in greater depth.

Breaking Down Assumptions in our Recycling Challenge Research Phase

By listening to the individual stories and insights of others, we break down our own assumptions – what we think we know – and it leads to some incredible ‘aha’ moments throughout the process. This is why we run the Research phase of the challenge before jumping straight into idea development.

Research Phase: The Low Down

We're sometimes asked at OpenIDEO why we run the Research phase first and don't just dive straight into the Concepting phase to start generating ideas. So we thought we'd share some reasons on why we've found the inspiration approach to be success

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #7

A significant part of my role as CCC is to highlight stories and good moves within the OpenIDEO community. But today I want to show you a glimpse of my off-platform community – Bombay – and share one example of a network’s potential to make this urban area safer and more empowering for women and girls.

An Insider Scoop on Impact for Women's Safety

Now that the Women's Safety Challenge Ideas phase is in full motion, we are excited to sit down with members of the Amplify Team to get an insider's scoop. Nathan Waterhouse (OpenIDEO), Sean Hewens ( and Nicki Goh (UK Department of International Development) share their thoughts with the OpenIDEO community:

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #6

Quick recap of Ideas phase so far and suggestions for next steps on sharing ideas, prototyping, and collaboration.

Preparing For My Women’s Safety Challenge Prototype

The power of OpenIDEO comes from the open-source environment where all ideators are encouraged to build on the submitted ideas and consequently form teams. In the coming weeks, I will bring together a few ideas and prototype them. I highly encourage everyone to prototype together with me and take the ideas further with a human-centered-approach.

Women's Safety Challenge: Tips for Ideas

In preparation for the Ideas phase, the Amplify Team recently came together for a day-long Synthesis Workshop. Our goal was to reflect on the patterns and themes surfaced by the community during Research and gather insights around the collective contributions so far. Hundreds of Post-its later, the team took everything we learned from the Research phase and identified six Opportunity Areas and Design Principles to help guide you into the Ideas phase:

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #5

Welcome to the Ideas phase! Here are several easy-to-use tools to kick start your thinking towards solutions that will make low-income urban areas safer for women and girls.

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #4

“If we don’t intentionally include, we intentionally exclude.” The Research phase is rich in contributions that include men and boys in awareness, discussion, and action – reminding us that safety for women and girls concerns all of us.

Designing in Low-Income Communities

We checked in with IDEO's Jocelyn Wyatt to get some tips on generating Concepts for low-income communities.

Evolving Your Thought-starter

Congrats on diving into our Ideas phase! Here's some tips on areas you might explore to develop your idea further and bring it closer to our big goal: real world impact.

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #3

Connecting online collaboration with offline action, or in which I leave the computer to engage with the world.

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #2

There are lots of themes developing among our 400+ contributions so far. Among these themes, I’ve noticed two umbrella categories: shifting attitudes and safety measures.

Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #1

Here is a good problem to have: OpenIDEO collaborators have been so active in the week or so since the Women's Safety Challenge launched that one blog post can't possibly capture all the share-worthy research I've come across so far. For this update, I chose to focus on interviews, highlighting a few examples from the community and offering tips to get you started on your own.
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