The Challenge


How can we improve sanitation and better manage human waste in low-income urban communities? read the brief


Integrated Systems management

Build a network of pay toilets where the waste was collected and processed in a biodigester on a farm. The biogas is used for food preparation and or electricity production. The nutrient rich effluent is then used as fertilizer for algae ponds. The algae is dried and fed to tilapia who are connected to a hydroponic system of vegetable production.
This urea powered fuel cell Doesn't really solve the sanitation aspect but if the bathroom was also making power?


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Sabra Marcroft

November 20, 2010, 15:54PM
The process for creating energy (biogas or urine fuel cell) is part of the process of sanitizing the waste. Biogas is easy, cheap to produce and returns most of the carbon to the soil as clean compost. Urine powered fuel cells sound like an excellent companion technology once it is perfected.
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