The Challenge


How might we increase the availability of affordable learning tools & services for students in the developing world? read the brief


Parent Show & Tell

Each student brings their parent (or other relative) to class for 1 hour each semester (or class visits parent on site for contextual learning), during which the student & parent jointly teaches the class about something related to the parent's work (agriculture, cooking, mobile phone repair, anything presents a real-life learning opportunity!). Of course, parents could bring their work tools to be used as educational aids.
-Classes gain broader exposure to practical knowledge that already exists in their communities
-Student & Parent Presenters improve knowledge & communication skills
-Student Presenters gain deeper understanding of their parents' work
-Parents become more involved with the school, aware of the benefits of education, & invested in their children's learning
Who would implement this?
  1. A big company
  2. A local entrepreneur or small organization
  3. A globally-based social entrepreneur
  4. NGOs and Foundations
  5. I would!
  6. I don’t really know
There is little to no additional cost besides the minimal parental time commitment.
Distribution & Delivery
Parents could either be required to do this as a condition of enrollment, or alternatively be encouraged to and given incentive to participate through a small discount on that month's school fees.
Once this is piloted at one school, a particularly engaging student/parent presentation could be demonstrated at neighboring schools. Eventually schools could exchange parent show & tells with one another, expanding the reach of effective student/parent presentations, and increasing the # of these presentations per school. These presentations, if then opened up to the community, could be the seed for broader community learning initiatives & involvement.
Local Need. Enterprising Schools has identified key areas of need for Affordable Private Schools. What local learning need(s) does this concept address?
  1. English language learning (speaking, reading, writing)
  2. Math learning
  3. Libraries
  4. Tech literacy
  5. Professional development
  6. Other


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