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Divided Supermarkets

It has to be easy and convient for the consumer to pick australian made and produced produce. Why not divide the supermarket! How would we do this? Have aisles 1 -10 for australian goods and the remaining aisles have imported produced. This way the eco consumer can go straight to one area and know without a doubt that they are buying Australian produce without having to read every label for every product. Therfore is might also result in a change of habit in the community.
Seperate aisles for australian products vs imported products


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Kimberly Fisher

April 20, 2011, 15:03PM
Fantastic and simple idea. This may result in a lot of duplication though in terms of fridges, freezers etc.

Perhaps it could be subtler - one section of the aisle/fridge/freezer is visually changed eg: shelves are coloured differently, or have banners running down the sides. These could continue right down to floor level and run across the floor to give a really strong cue saying to the consumer:

"you are now leaving the 'Australian produce' part of this aisle".

Louise Wilson

April 13, 2011, 11:07AM
Interesting idea Lyndsey. It sounds similar to shops having an organic section or gluten free section. I wonder if there are examples of this already happening?
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