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How might we improve maternal health with mobile technologies for low-income countries? read the brief


Open Studios for Mobile App Design Inspiration

How might we set up systems that allow those actually experiencing pregnancy in low-income countries to contribute their designs and inspirations? How might we build platforms for continual, contextual research for creating and improving mobile apps for maternal care? Nokia Open Studios allowed individuals from low-income countries to provide their input on mobile phone designs using participatory research methods.
Finding unmet needs from the population we're hoping to serve could be extremely valuable. One way Nokia and Jan Chipchase did this in the past for inspiration for mobile phone design was to host Nokia Open Studios. The purpose of the NOS was not to generate ideas that could be bought into the design process. Rather, the research method aimed to generate inspirational and cross-referential material about the role of future technologies in participant’s lives by giving residents the opportunity to articulate their needs and aspirations, and present these in the context of their everyday life. More here:


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Sarah Fathallah

February 07, 2011, 23:09PM
Thanks Nicholas for sharing this! It's one of the greatest examples of participatory design I've came across and it's very inspiring!
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