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The Global Issue of Election Accessibility

A great video highlighting the global nature of election accessibility.
In this video, Judith Heumann, U.S. Special Advisor for International Disability Rights and Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, the USAID Coordinator for the Disability Development, discuss the issue of participation of disabled people in the electoral process. They discuss the global nature of the problem and Ms. Heumann shares a personal experience from her first time voting. 

USAID recently sponsored the AGENDA 2012 Annual Conference "Regional Dialogue on Access to Elections for Persons with Disabilities" on 1-2 February 2012 in Jakarta. The focus of the conference was on current efforts by disability rights organizations in Southeast Asia to ensure the rights of people with disabilities are protected.
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Meena Kadri

February 20, 2012, 11:29AM
Great insights here, Daniel. For those of you who don't know who Daniel is – check out the Q&A we did with him here:
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