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Finding easier ways to manage finances

Learning to manage finances can be complicated and time consuming for first-time entrepreneurs. Two companies- LearnVest and inDinero- have designed helpful tools and platforms for learning about and tracking financial information for small companies
LearnVest is a personal finance tool to help educate and support women learning about finances. Just as LearnVest has been a great tool for personal finances, maybe entrepreneurs would benefit from tools designed to help them through the stages of incorporating, fundraising etc.

inDinero is a YCombinator start up that aggregates all financial information then organizes transactions into categories to provide a "easy-to-use financial dashboard" for small businesses. The co-founders came up with the idea for the company while facing difficulties in managing their own company finances. For entrepreneurs just getting started, tools that make managing finances easier can be valuable time and money savers

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Meena Kadri

March 15, 2012, 20:51PM
You've certainly raised an important issue here, Amanda. Looking forward to seeing how this might influence ideas in our upcoming Concepting phase.
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