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Wellness Dashboard App

An app that allows you to track and report your wellness across a holistic and customisable array of different wellness measures.
You control the sliders but they could also be linked to a task or goal based measurement as well e.g. 'Phoned my Mum', 'Not smoked for 10 days', etc.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?
For individuals it provides a way to self-measure and a reminder to zoom out and focus on how the bigger picture looks for them, their family, their work, and their personal health.


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Victor Toh

January 21, 2013, 22:37PM
this app would be great if your local gp or gym trainer has it connected to yours, so they can also see your progress and remind you of your needs, it's a vice versa thing, seeing how you're doing and people seeing how their clients are

Kenny Arnold

December 27, 2012, 15:35PM
What if.. There was a way to incorporate advice from medical experts, gurus, mental health professionals, etc that popped up from time to time to help you achieve your personal goals in a smarter way? Maybe there could be milestones along the way that encourage you to push yourself. Or a new level of happiness/wellness you could achieve that results in further advice from the "experts".. I think the most engaging apps are more than just a set of reminders, they encourage active participation or semi-active participation like a time sensitive achievement or something...

Niklas Jansen

December 27, 2012, 13:38PM
I like the idea. There are some already some apps available which work on this problem as well. You might want to have a look at these apps for the further development of your concept.


(1) Mappiness

Mappiness is part of a research project at the London School of Economics.

The app helps you to track your health and happiness. It beeps you once (or more) a day to ask how you're feeling, and a few basic things to control for: who you're with, where you are, what you're doing (if you're outdoors, you can also take a photo). The data gets sent back with your GPS location. As a user you get interesting information about your own happiness, which you can download or see charted inside the app — including when, where and with whom you're happiest.

(2) Lift Do

Lift is a simple app which helps to achieve any goal, track your progress, and get the support of your friends. You can create habits you want to achieve and track your progress. Friends can follow your progress and support you on your way.

(3) Everst

As Lift its a goal tracking app. You can capture goals and dreams, break them into small steps, learn from others and document your journey from dreaming to doing.


I really like your idea as a starting point and I'm sure that you can make much more out of it. Some comments already deliver some really great ideas.

Will McGrath

December 15, 2012, 23:40PM
Really interesting idea, Nathan. I particularly like how you can see results from all areas of life and not only at work. We sometimes forget that our health is based on what we do all day, every day and not only whilst we're at work.

The examples you gave are good but are there any more? Just to help us understand the concept a bit more...

At this stage, is it simply tracking device of health with a report or does it nudge you to remember to do something too? What might be really nice would be for it to give tips on health and advice to keep for and healthy.

Love it and would love to hear development thoughts.

Andrew Li

December 14, 2012, 14:48PM
A possible way to extend on your concept (or maybe you already had this in mind).

If the app timestamped your every update, your wellness history can be graphed against time to provide some feedback. A bit like a stockmarket chart, which tells you whether your "family" parameter has been going slowly downhill for the last 2 years, or if your "work" parameter goes downhill on particular months.

You can use that feedback to warn yourself of an likely downward trend or make you reflect on why certain months are good/bad for you.

Vishal Jodhani

December 08, 2012, 08:17AM
Love it. It could even be based on tools such as the "wheel of life" ( Individuals can define categories/ roles --> define the ideal balance --> measure how they are doing.

Nathan Waterhouse

December 09, 2012, 16:23PM
Vishal - many thanks I'll have a think about that and see how I can incorporate it. It's a really nice example.

Meena Kadri

December 06, 2012, 21:11PM
Great micro-macro thinking!
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