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Connected Music Merry-Go-Round Playgroun...

What if we could encourage interaction amongst communities by creating play for young kids...
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Adopt-A-Deck (For HDB flats, maybe??)

Adopt-a-Bench is an initiative in Central Park NYC where people can adopt benches as a gift...

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Cheng Zhang

August 05, 2013, 17:54PM
Dear Debbie
It was a pleasure of reading your post.
I am Cheng Zhang, a master student from London School of Economics (LSE).

As I am writing a dissertation on OpenIDEO, can I send you a questionnaire for you to answer in about 10 days time?
I can see that you are an active participant, and I am really interested in finding out more about people like you.
If you do not have time it is totally understandable too! If you are interested, could you please send me an email to ? Or you can tell me your email here;).
Best regards and many thanks
Cheng Zhang
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