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Amnesty + OpenIDEO: Pathway to Impact

Devised as a tool for political activists, Panic Button encrypts a message on their mobile...
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Ground Miles Clocks 5 Million Miles...

Over 1 million people from 150+ countries have participated in the largest walking challenge...

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Jessie Tibet

April 06, 2014, 08:02AM
my name is Tashi, I am from Tibet, I am interesting in this Program, but how could i get this chance to register for Human-Cent​ered Design for Social Innovation​!
  A note explaining why Gregory added OpenIDEO to their Team for this idea:
OpenIDEO rocks!
(I note that OpenIDEO is headquartered in London, where the Global Ideas Bank, which I worked on and contributed to after it was started in 1995 -- one of the very first online crowdsourcing sites -- also was headquartered in that wonderful city.)

Edmund Ng

November 13, 2013, 10:31AM
You're really one responsible admin that's actively pulling all the strings together. I've never seen an admin worked as hard. :-)

Edmund Ng
  A note explaining why Kenneth added OpenIDEO to their Team for this idea:
I would like to add you to my virtual team
  A note explaining why Jason added OpenIDEO to their Team for this idea:
Thanks for the advice on implementing a low tech version of the program. It really helped reshape the latest iteration of the concept.
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