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Use current insurer and employer network...

How can health insurers, employers and employees work better together and all win in the end?...
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(bio)Designing Healthy Communities...Pea...

While we all make up a community, what about the inanimate things around us? Can we think...
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Employer Sponsored Tracking Devices

Moving from tracking devices on your personal time to ubiquitous monitoring

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Nathan Maton

January 23, 2013, 17:39PM
Hi Amol, great post! Any chance you could find an image for your profile? Images help grab attention and tell more about where your posts come from. You should be able to use the 'Update Profile' button on the right of your profile page and follow the instructions to add images from there. We know occasionally people have issues uploading images so let us know at if you face any problems. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring ideas on OpenIDEO.
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