Aram Armstrong

"I have a generativity complex – it's a neurological disorder induced by exposure to Post-its and M&Ms."

• Senior Interaction Designer, IDEO Shanghai.
• OpenIDEO lurker, tire kicker and collaborator.
• A transplant from San Francisco via Italy via Seoul via Minneapolis via Maui (originally).

I like complex issues like transportation, education, and food systems. I think politicians should have a methodology for problem solving. I also like media and entertainment, and have an unhealthy interest in marketing (everybody's got a vice.) I heart Evernote, Google Docs, and "KS" as knowledge sharing is called at IDEO. I try to be involved, advocate, instigate. Prefer workshops to presentations. And there's a lot in this world that makes me #facepalm, but there's also a lot that makes me smile.

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