Jeroen Spoelstra

"To roam is to search for something new! They say that the journey can be more important than the destination"

I see myself as a passionate designer and teacher in design and applied creativity, which gets a lot of inspiration out of my other passions that are mountain biking, surfing and traveling. I don't really consider my private life and my working life as two separate things. I need sports, traveling and being outside to get inspired and give inspirational lectures and workshops.

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Thumbnail : Voting preference chart

The online election guide

In the Netherlands we have a Parliament that exists of 150 members divided between 10 political...
Thumbnail : The election tram

Voting in Public Transport

Use the public transport to reach more votes during the election day. Most of the trams and...
Thumbnail : Who needs a trainer when you have a crowd

Proud City

When cities are in decline, people have lost their pride in the city they live in. To restore...

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