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The Laundry Garden

Locating community gardens with Laundromats increases access for women who have little extracur...

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Michelle Baca

April 30, 2012, 17:59PM
I LOVE this idea!!! I've been researching buying a laundromat for the past two years. My day job is working as a Controller for Silicon Valley start-ups. I want to take my finance and operations knowledge and open my own company. I love the idea of a laundromat because its simple and essential. I definitely wanted to add something to it though...like a cafe. BUT the community garden and exposed water treatment system, is an amazing idea! Have you looked into this anymore or opened one? Are you located in the Bay Area?

Julia Nebrija

May 26, 2012, 04:13AM
Hi Michelle, sorry for the late reply! I am so excited about your idea to open a laundromat! I have not been able to implement anything on this scale, but I have worked with a community in Manila, Philippines, and we set up a small (2 machines so far) laundry business which currently employs 3 women. We use rainwater collection and do a basic treatment of the water, but have not yet developed beyond that. We are looking now into integrating biodigesters using the waste from the government housing buildings to generate energy for the laundromat and then use the fertilizer by-product for landscaping around the buildings. We have also considered solar panels, but are still trying to figure out how to protect the technology from theft. Anyways, we used rainwater collection and water treatment from another project and used the treated water for an urban garden, which was going really well, until there was a dengue outbreak, and officials closed down the garden (even though the two were not related). So long answer is we have partially tried the design! I am not in the Bay Area, but frequently travel to the US. Let's talk sometime about your business idea! My email address is: julia.nebrija@gmail.com and my skype name is Jnebs84. Hope to hear from you!
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