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"Creative problem solver!"

My passion is the cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines. I am constantly learning new things and challenging myself in new ways. I love, and am never surprised, to find synchronicity and connections in places you never expected -- the most exciting ideas come from places like these.

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Thumbnail : Eichmann on trial in Jerusalem

The Banality of Evil -- Normalizing...

In the wake of the holocaust, Hannah Arendt used the phrase "the banality of evil"...
Thumbnail : Even the simple pain scale is hardly a clear and helpful way to communicate your experience

How to Communicate Fear and Pain

Many have trouble communicating their experiences with fear and pain. Not only do we often...
Thumbnail : Students at Stanford University

Include Sustainable Global Development...

Let's support and celebrate entrepreneurs and businesses that promote sustainable value...

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October 13, 2013, 02:40AM
Given you've been such an OpenIDEO champion, we'd love it if you might join our quest to walk millions of miles for wellness, together: http://bit.ly/well-walk

Mira Rao

October 15, 2013, 15:03PM
I love this! Will definitely download the app and start walking!
  A note explaining why Ann added Mira to their Team for this idea:
Ideas on how to illustrate.


September 13, 2012, 21:36PM
Congrats for your winning concept on our E-waste Challenge. Way to go!
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