Mary Sajfar

"Think outside the Google search"

I've always wondered what "think outside the box" really meant because I didn't know I was in a box. Then I started participating on and then leading projects. I quickly learned what the box was. I instantly hated it. I wasn't sure where everyone got their boxes but I was not envious one bit. I was happy without my box. That box is now a search engine which in many ways is worse than the box (which I imagined was cardboard). Sure it's great for information, knowledge, etc..but not so great for fresh ideas. Don't get me wrong, you can take something that exists and make it new and fresh...but it's not the place to start, it's a tool. The greatest computer (tool) is your brain. Use it! So that doesn't describe me though....or does it?

PS. Big projects going on at work and two volunteer things going on right now so please forgive my lack of detail for the next few months. Doing things for fun (like this) are taking a back burner.

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