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Bringing Reusable Systems to Life

Lessons learned from the NextGen Cup Initiative: Testing reusable cups, engaging diverse stakeholders, and addressing single-use packaging waste.

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Beyond the Bag Challenge

How might we transport goods from retailer to destination in a way that is compatible with diverse retail systems, delivers ease and convenience for customers, and reduces environmental impact?

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Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge

How might we reinforce a culture of generosity by creating charitable giving solutions that are more accessible, inclusive, and effective?

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food system vision prize

The Future of Food Systems: Four Themes to Consider

Here are four themes from the Food System Vision Prize—as discussed in a recent episode of the Design Is Everywhere podcast—to help guide us toward a better food future.

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Learning Reimagined: Radical Thinking for Equitable Futures

A new report published by Imaginable Futures and IDEO, exploring evidence-based visions of the future of education, based on trends identified today.

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Finalists announced

Meet the 10 Food System Vision Prize Finalists

The Food System Vision Prize is an invitation for organizations across the globe to develop a Vision of the regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050. We're thrilled to announce the 10 Prize Finalists.

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IDEO Immunization Innovation Lab: Impact Report

An accelerator to support local innovators in East Africa who are closing the immunization gap by empowering caregivers and clinicians.

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Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge

Help reinforce a culture of generosity by creating effective and inclusive charitable giving solutions.

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Beyond the Bag Challenge

Help tackle retail bag waste and redesign the way goods are carried home.

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'Agents of Change' Atopic Dermatitis Challenge: Navigating Uncertainty

Let’s find new ways to help people navigate the daily unpredictability of life with atopic dermatitis.

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COVID-19 Global South Health and Livelihoods Challenge

Let’s design scalable solutions to support low- and middle-income families in the urban Global South.

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COVID-19 Reimagine Learning Challenge

How might we help educators, parents, and students adapt to remote learning while also using this moment to radically reimagine what we need our education systems to be?

COVID-19 Business Pivot Challenge

Help businesses pivot to support the COVID-19 response and build toward a more just and resilient society.

Food System Vision Prize

Envisioning regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050.

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