COVID-19 Communication
& Behavior Change Webinar

Hear from global communications leaders about the intersection of COVID-19 communication and behavior change, and get insights generated by the thousands of participants in the COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge.


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How to Build a Vibrant Global Community, Virtually

8 Insights from our global community on building virtual communities that are collaborative, accessible, and long-lasting.


In 2020, we're asking:

How might we create the conditions for every human to be healthy?

Improved health requires collaboration from across sectors. Open innovation shines light on and nurtures new models to scale for a healthier future.

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In 2020, we're asking:

How might we design a sustainable and regenerative future for people and planet?

It’s time to put sustainability at the center of the way we live. Learn about our work at the intersection of open innovation and sustainability.

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In 2020, we're asking:

How might we work alongside diverse local communities to address our most complex global issues?

Creating solutions to complex global challenges requires collaboration across sectors and geographies. Open innovation can help us build a more stable and inclusive future.

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COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge

Let’s share our experiences around COVID-19 information to inspire global leaders.

Food System Vision Prize

Envisioning regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050.

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'Agents of Change' Atopic Dermatitis Challenge

Let’s work together to put a stop to the bullying faced by those with AD.

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BridgeBuilder 2019: People on the Move

Build bridges to a shared future of stability and promise for people on the move and their neighbors.

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Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge

Let's create a more compelling and relatable visual language for cybersecurity.

Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Innovation

Let's reimagine the future of vaccine innovation by focusing on demand side actors.

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Early Childhood Book Challenge

Calling on authors to craft a book that inspires young children and caregivers to love reading together.

Healthy Bones, Healthy Aging Challenge

Let’s reimagine the care experience after a fracture for our aging community with osteoporosis.


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