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If you want to help build a better world, you’re in good company.

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You can innovate much faster when you’re building on the ideas of many. We call this open innovation. Here’s how you can try it out:

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Challenges are idea accelerators that connect people worldwide with tools, support, and each other to build real solutions for today's toughest problems. This is a great place to start if you’re getting to know OpenIDEO.

“This, by far, is the most creative, interactive and iterative platform that we've ever come across in well over a decade of our experience. Transformative ideas are open for everyone to take a look at. Regardless of whether an idea emerges among the winners, it may offer unexpected insights.”

Dagnachew B. Wakene

Co-founder at ThisAbility Ethiopia

  • Use IDEO resources and design thinking to develop, refine, and scale your ideas. 
  • Access funding or design support to advance and implement your idea.
  • Connect with a global community of innovators, experts, and funders.

Chapters regularly convene community builders, innovators, experts and funders in cities worldwide to take local action on global OpenIDEO initiatives. If you want to to connect with innovators in your community, go here.

“When I thought I was alone on my journey to create social impact, I met a group of like-minded people who reminded me that I don’t have to walk alone. With OpenIDEO Chapters, I found a team, friends and a community of dreamers. Together, we explore all kinds of ways to make a positive impact not only in my hometown but across the globe.”

Daniela Restrepo Ortiz

Community Designer

  • Build meaningful connections with other leaders in your city.
  • Partner with local innovators to advance impactful solutions.
  • Make a difference in your community through design.
Tools & Stories

Explore perspectives, tools, and ideas from the edges of social impact and innovation, along with stories of people using design to advance solutions. If you’re dedicated to driving change, check them out.

“Through OpenIDEO, we got our first investment ever. Until then, no one had believed in us. Now in the Food Waste Alliance, we have a community of support, were accepted to the Food-X Accelerator and are scaling our operations and impact.”

Bertha Jimenez

Entrepreneur at Rise Marketplace

  • Access case studies and how-to guides on innovating for systems change.
  • Scale your solutions with access to funding and IDEO resources.
  • Apply IDEO’s design tools to build skills and impact.