Healthy Bones Healthy Aging Challenge: Additional Resources

This resource list has been co-created alongside bone health experts to support you in crafting your idea.

Throughout the Challenge, support includes:

  • Access to research information to support the ideation process
  • Toolkits outlining design processes to support the innovation journey
  • Access to experts in health, aging, and the bone space
  • One-on-one mentor sessions. Up to 30 solution teams that move into the Refinement Phase of the Challenge will be paired with Innovation Coaches and Community Prototypers for guidance and support
  • New connections and the opportunity to meet co-creators while growing your network via the OpenIDEO platform and bone community

Patient Experience

Personas: Meet the people behind osteoporosis

Journey Map: See the path of care through health systems and community

Tools to Guide Design

Host an event with your friends or community to collaborate with others

Review the presentation from our Kickoff Webinar and Q+A

Listen to an IDEO podcast on Design Thinking in Health Care

Uncover an opportunity by creating a Journey Map or Experience Map

Guide your Design Research with our Study Visit Toolkit or Interview Toolkit

Keep your research ethical with the Little Book of Design Research Ethics

How to share research

What to do after submission

Learn tricks for designing for health services

Get the inside scoop on Pathways to Piloting in Hospitals

Design for future trends with the Caregiving 2031 Scenarios

Create your strongest pitch with better storytelling

Understanding osteoporosis and fractures

What is Osteoporosis and What Causes It? / (Que Es La Osteoporosis?)

How is it diagnosed?

The relationship between Osteoporosis and fractures

Who is at Risk for Osteoporosis?

5 Things to Know About Osteoporosis

What do space travel and osteoporosis have in common?

The Impact of Fractures Due to Osteoporosis is Being Ignored