NextGen Additional Resources & Links

Please use these research links to help you get started. We will include additional resources as we progress through the Challenge.

1.) Food Service Packaging Institute, US Foodservice Compliance Standards

2.) Food Safety Magazine, U.S. and EU Requirements for Recycled Food Contact Materials

3.) Western Michigan University: Repulpable and Recycling Certification

4.) Europe PTS testing for recyclability

5.) Biodegradable Products Institute 

6.) TUV Austria (EU biodegradability)

7.) Japan BioPlastics Association 

8.) US EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Paper and Paper Products

9.) US EPA Sustainable Materials Management basics

10.) Association of Plastics Recyclers: Guide for plastics recyclability

11.) ASTM D6866: Standard Test Methods for Determining Biobased Content

12.) Food Safety Magazine, U.S. and EU Requirements for Recycled Food Contact Materials

13.) European Bioplastics Standards

14.) Foodservice Packaging Institute standards and tests

15.) Bioplastics Feedstock Alliance: Can provide verification of "sustainably sourced natural products" ( and (

16.) Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Principles and Criteria

17.) Recycled Content Certification (also available in Mandarin)

18.) ISO 14021: Environmental labels and declarations

19.) U.S. FDA, Guidance for Industry: Use of Recycled Plastics in Food Packaging (Chemistry Considerations)

20.) U.S. FDA, Submissions on Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics for Food-Contact Articles

21.) U.S. FDA: Guidance for Industry: Preparation of Premarket Submissions for Food Contact Substances

22.) USA FDA Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance: ( and (


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