Bridging Issues, Building Solutions
This US$1 million initiative seeks to support innovative projects that respond to pressing and emergent needs across peace, prosperity and planet.

submit to OUR bridgebuilder 2019 Challenge: People on the Move before August 17th

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Our world, our countries, and our communities are facing great challenges.

These challenges stretch beyond borders and across cultures. They demand our collective attention and best thinking to overcome them.

With this program, GHR Foundation—in collaboration with OpenIDEO—is seeking out and investing in the building and repairing of unique bridges between people, organizations, issues, and beliefs to promote meaningful engagement, greater social cohesion, and sustainable, community-led change.


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Up to US$1 Million are provided each year between the Top Ideas.

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GHR is looking for new and unlikely partners to support and elevate.


Submissions are welcome from registered nonprofit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations working anywhere in the United States or around the world. Ideas must touch on two or more of the topic areas (peace, prosperity, planet) to create new and unique encounters between people, issues, and beliefs, promoting meaningful engagement, greater social cohesion, and sustainable, community-led change.

Ideas should center on action and tangible results in their communities of focus rather than research, convenings, policy development, or advocacy. We are seeking ideas with timelines up to 36 months and budget requests of less than US$500,000.

2019 Challenge Evaluation Criteria



Receive a share of US$1 million in seed funding from GHR Foundation

Join a BridgeBuilder cohort of world-changing organizations helping to solve pressing issues

Take part in a kick-off workshop with other social innovators to explore how ideas connect across the Challenge theme

Receive ongoing partnership support from GHR Foundation, potential connection to other funder networks, and media exposure

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