Tawfiq Abbud

Interpreter & Mediation | Data Science | Language Learning


Born in Iraq, he grew up as a refugee in Iran. He returned to Iraq in 2010 and, after 6 years of living there, he fled to Turkey in 2016 and, from there, to Greece. He currently resides in Bilbao, Spain. He is fluent in four languages: Iraqi Arabic, Farsi, English and Spanish. He has worked extensively with NGOs that provide services to asylum seekers, mainly Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans. His skills include:

  • Data science, Experience in data science using Python as a programming language
  • Certified in translation and cultural mediation in the business and humanitarian field
  • Humanitarian work
  • Language learning
What I'm excited to see in the BridgeBuilder Challenge is...

"I'm excited to see some amazing projects make the lives of refugees a little bit less challenging."

You can find me on the platform: HERE