Mahmoud Rihawi

Health & Medicine | Education | Technology


Originally from Aleppo, Syria, Mahmoud has lived in Turkey and Greece and served many different communities experiencing conflict. He built his own voluntary medical team with 350 well-trained medical students to support overflowing hospitals in the war zones, founded his own refugee home, planned strategy for Thighs of Steel, a pan-European fundraising event for refugees, and was influential in the building of the Khora Community Centre, which feeds, educates and helps thousands of people daily. Among many other jobs he has worked as a translator, Arabic tutor and conversation partner.

  • Experience in teaching different dialects of Arabic
  • Humanitarian and volunteering aide and programs
  • Fundraising
  • Mediating between volunteers and refugees, project management and strategic planning
  • Technology and data science
  • Health and wellness
What I'm excited to see in the BridgeBuilder Challenge is..

"I hope to see an idea that empowers and believes in the skills and minds of the people that the project is targeting. I believe in ideas that involve the people of target and treat them with mutual respect and dignity and do not pity them for their situation."

You can find me on the platform: HERE

أهلا وسهلاَ