Make This A
Year of


This year, we face many challenges.

Complex issues affect our lives, livelihoods, and the planet itself.

Considering these challenges, it's easy to feel small.

But let's not forget: even if you can change just one piece, that piece is an important part of a bigger puzzle.

Around the globe...

...are all working to do the same thing:

We asked our community what change they wanted to create in the world. Here's what we heard.
Sierra Leone
Alhassan Sesay

I want to see us mitigate climate change in Sierra Leone. I'm working with schoolchildren to see how we can plant trees in different communities in the Western Area of Sierra Leone.

Yasmine Yusuf

I'm working to help a restaurant here in Cairo reduce food waste resulting from a type of disposable dishware they use to serve customers’ food.

Tian Zhao

I'm currently investigating the intersection of blockchain and circular design/economy.

Preethi Shreeya

I want to create global design solutions that can transform and improve the way we think about, engage with and explore digital media.

Gino Carino

I want to build makerspaces and equip, enable, and empower underserved communities.

Kay Matthews

I want to help women of color who are dealing with maternal mental health issues recover through journaling.

People like you are tackling today's toughest issues in cities worldwide.

United Arab Emirates
Yasmin Barakat

I want to reduce garment waste and re-define the relationship of clothing to steer it towards "compassionate" fashion in the UAE.

Akhilesh Tewari

I look forward to enhancing the resources for the mainstreaming of out of school adolescent girls.


I want to see every child going to school regularly.

Bettine Cora

I am working to end childhood obesity by supporting health training in underprivileged areas.

Calvin Olugae

I want to enable rural and off grid regions to have access to efficient, affordable and sustainable bio gas solutions for their cooking and lighting needs.

Alex Johnston

I’m working to make business licensing and permitting easy for Detroit’s entrepreneurs.

Anna-Karin Bergkvist

We want to contribute to a more moral and responsible climate within the design of digital services.

Brayan Pabón

I want to reduce the impact of plastics in the world


I want to help other friends/young people to fight for better jobs.


I want to see more equality and inclusion of women and minorities in creative industries.

Atul Jaiswal

I want to make the research process and its outcomes accessible to all those who have communication disabilities such as deaf-blindness, autism, intellectual impairment etc.

Brooks Walch

I want to demonstrate personal creative expression through advancements in technologies.

Carlton Chen

I’d like us to rally around simplifying the government and making it more customer-centric.


I want to create a trauma-informed community.

Beth Bundy

I want to see schools that value and support art and design educators and recognize their value in today's society.

Caio Vinicius de Matos

I hope to see people getting better at understanding each other.

Carolee Ann Uits

I want to build a computer and ed resource centre and bring potable water to more villages.

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You're supporting each other, while building knowledge, partnerships, and powerful solutions.

We think that's worth celebrating.

So thank you for being here—for being a part of this community. You can do incredible things.

Together, we can create change all year long, and for many more years to come.

What will you create this year?

Come build something big with us. Welcome to the OpenIDEO community.

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