Let's Make this a Year of Change: Inspiration Around the Globe

We asked our community what kind of change they wanted to create, and in just a few days, we heard powerful responses from people around the world

Akhilesh Tewari

I look forward to enhancing the resources for the mainstreaming of out of school adolescent girls.


I want to see every child going to school regularly.

Bettine Cora

I am working to end childhood obesity by supporting health training in underprivileged areas.

Calvin Olugae

I want to enable rural and off grid regions to have access to efficient, affordable and sustainable bio gas solutions for their cooking and lighting needs.

Cathie Buscaglia

I'm working to increase options for older adults to age in place using technology. Connectivity leads to connectedness with Safety Connection.

Dana Mosora

I help women from an underprivileged community in Accra, Ghana to recycle plastic packaging waste from the streets of their community and make a good living for them, their children and their community.

United Kingdom
Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

I want to see more encouragement in work and in life for people celebrating who they are, and bring okay with that.

Trinidad and Tobago
Felicia Chang

I want more people to honor their elderly loved ones by recording their life stories.

Garrett Mclaughlin

I want significant investment and efforts put into cleaning up our oceans and not adding more plastic to polluting them.

United Kingdom

To find effective ways for us all to see, and feel, that we are not separate. I'm curious to see what issues would remain with this understanding.

Helen Andrew

I want to see people connecting and sharing food and garden resources.

Jenni Evans

I want to reduce the use of single-use plastic and the production of garbage in my immediate community.

Jessica Rudder

I want to increase opportunities in tech for underrepresented minorities.


I am working to make architecture more accessible.

Katie Keats

I want to see more investments in renewable energy and in tracking energy data at the local level.


I want to change myself.


I want to see more homeless in homes and part of our community.

Margarita Maniati

I would like to inspire youth to be active, responsible citizens and upskill them to be changemakers within their communities!

Melissa Rich

I want to harness the large increase in interest in public education from the private sector and business stakeholders to ensure that we are inspiring ALL students to thrive and giving public schools the resources.

Mussa Msengi Gunda

I want to see the number of people who don't know how to read and write decrease! I am working to engage 100 children, adults and old people in Korogwe, Tanga.

Patrick Robinson

I hope to elevate and activate a betterment agenda in the communities I am a member of. As an example I intend to facilitate Design Thinking, Service Design and Foresight events for 1000 people this year.

Rebecca L. Kraft

I want to reduce food waste in my community through education and increasing green waste collection for recycling.


I want to see less homeless people in the streets. I am working to raise consciousness in traditional businesses.


I want to impact lives of 100 underprivileged and abused children in my city.

Susruta Chakraborty

I want to give small scale Indian farmers access to better techniques and online markets for their produce.

Tusubila Juma Said

I want to train 4000 students at the college campuses to be world class leaders through mentorship, behavior change and transformation in three universities in Uganda.

Vineta Gleba

I hope to reduce our waste and overconsumption habits. I am working with a summer camp in Oregon to implement composting for 300 campers and staff.

united arab emirates
Yasmin Barakat

I want to reduce garment waste and re-define the relationship of clothing to steer it towards "compassionate" fashion in the UAE.

Betty Mbithi

I hope to see more business recognize the only sustainable and and unique point of difference is the experience they give to their clients.

Alex Johnston

I’m working to make business licensing and permitting easy for Detroit’s entrepreneurs.

Anna-Karin Bergkvist

We want to contribute to a more moral and responsible climate within the design of digital services.

Brayan Pabón

I want to reduce the impact of plastics in the world


I want to help other friends/young people to fight for better jobs.

Charlie Shread

I want to catalyse the democratisation of the education system worldwide

David Harold Chester

I want to see the subject of macroeconomics better understood through my engineering approach to it.

Eduardo Testart

I want to decrease inequality.

Francine Portelance

I want to see more recycling and also less plastic wrapping in preschooler's craft materials. As an educator working in Early Childhood Education I find unacceptable that used felt markers and empty glue sticks are not recycled.

Gavin Cosgrave

I hope to see college students connect with other students and professors to tackle the big challenges of tomorrow.

Gino Carino

I want to build makerspaces and equip, enable, and empower underserved communities.

Hernán Maestre

I want to help people frame problems better so that solutions have high impact.

Jennifer Brush

I want to change the way people who are living with dementia are treated.

Jim Pantzos

I want to reduce waste at all points along the food value chain.

Karun K. Singh

Through a combination of table tennis coaching, social work counseling, and advanced leadership training, I would like to establish intervention programs to reduce risky behavior in high school youth in New Jersey.

Kay Matthews

I want to help women of color who are dealing with maternal mental health issues recover through journaling.

Kinjal Shah

I am designing a safety workshop to empower refugee children who are at risk of child trafficking.

Lena Mohr

I want to connect people who want to make our city a more beautiful place to live.


I want to empower people to create change in local communities.

Miguel Dans

I hope to see food waste cut by half.

Nilanajna Maulik

I want to see a change in mindset of the politicians in my local government towards Dementia care.

Paul Dunne

I want to allow high school students to learn anywhere from their phone.

Renée Lundgren Sandle

I hope to see companies working with sustainability environmentally, financially and socially.

Sally Rowland

How do we redesign pathways for low income student mothers to discover their passions, launch meaningful careers, and become economically self-sufficient?

Stephen Zablotny

I want something clear and transparent to verify information being shared on social media platforms.

Thomas Andrea Nkhonjera

I want to promote equal access to education in Malawi through community empowerment.

Umeshananda Mohanty

I want to change people's behaviour so that they do the right thing when nobody is watching.

India & USA
Vinod Chandnani

I hope to help develop new products and services for senior citizens who are single, lonely, ill, or dependent and their families and people who want to support them.

Yasmine Yusuf

I'm working to help a restaurant here in Cairo reduce food waste resulting from a type of disposable dishware they use to serve customers’ food. I hope to be able to show them how doing that can help them reduce costs (in addition to waste!).

Isabel Rosario Vega Palomino

I am working to foster career growth with purpose and to contribute to increase self awareness (strengths and weaknesses) for professionals in Perú.


I want to see more equality and inclusion of women and minorities in creative industries.

Atul Jaiswal

I want to make the research process and its outcomes accessible to all those who have communication disabilities such as deaf-blindness, autism, intellectual impairment etc.

Brooks Walch

I want to demonstrate personal creative expression through advancements in technologies.

Carlton Chen

I’d like us to rally around simplifying the government and making it more customer-centric.

Collins Omondi Adel

My vision is to improve in educating the african youth on how to create jobs through innovation.

David Rabuor

I want to support 100 orphan girl children to finish a primary level of education.


I want to contribute in creating meaningful, effective digital learning experiences accessible to more and more people.

United Kingdom
Freddie Odukomaiya

I’m working to help improve STEM education in Nigeria.

Sri Lanka

I want to see an end to the conflicts fueled by racism.

Harpreet Singh Gauri

I hope we able to take India economic to better level.

Jaime Muñoz

I’m working to help youth and young adults more deeply anchor a future outlook to inform decisions for successful transition to adulthood and socio-economic security.

Jennifer Castenson

I want to create ways for EVERYONE to have access to affordable, healthy housing.

Julia Geist

I will build a product that helps people identify fake news.

Kashumbar Abubaker Kalema

I am working whole heartedly to help, build and inspire young women and youth entrepreneurs and small business owners in Uganda in free business, income generating activities and saving trainings.

Kim Ong

I want to reduce inequalities.

Kourosh Mahvash

I hope to see an effective and practical solution to the opioid problem in Canada and the US.


I want to help people make use of all products that already exist instead of buying new.


I want to help the Italian government achieve citizen-centered innovation through service design.

Mojdeh Kamali

I want to use my design skills to bring inclusivity & happiness to some of my hometown's streets.

United Kingdom
Noelle Ghanem

I'm working towards embracing diversity and bringing people together to create more.

Preethi Shreeya

I want to create global design solutions that can transform and improve the way we think about, engage with and explore digital media.

Rhiannon Gallagher

I hope to expand my mission to provide support and hope to people overwhelmed by the implications of climate change.

Samuel Mongoni

I want another solution to health care, by promoting natural medicine, developing herbal gardens.

Stephi Batliner

I'm on a mission to create an open dialogue about herpes and other STDs. I want to reduce STD transmissions and suffering from stigma.

Tian Zhao

I'm currently investigating the intersection of blockchain and circular design/economy.

Vicki Hammarstedt

I want to find a way to help the elderly live with dignity.

Wekesa Zablon

I am working with primary and high schools to get them introduced to the concept of the circular economy. We see a gap and with the curriculum reforms happening in the country, I feel we might be up to something.

Zerubabel Derese

I am working to build sustainable and easily-affordable also renewable energy for Africa community.

Jacob Chapman

I want to reduce inequality.


I want to create a trauma-informed community.

Beth Bundy

I want to see schools that value and support art and design educators and recognize their value in today's society.

Caio Vinicius de Matos

I hope to see people getting better at understanding each other.

Carolee Ann Uits

I want to build a computer and ed resource centre and bring potable water to more villages.

Courtney Inman

We are working to prepare more of our most vulnerable children and their families for school and life success.

Debbie Ward

I want to work with others to make it possible for us to talk across gulfs—on guns, on abortion, on immigration, on the things that threaten to split us.


I want to help make social media a more mentally and socially healthy place for young adults.

United Kingdom
Gabriele Almon

This year, I'm working on helping the highest level of decision-makers, in civic and humanitarian arenas, tap on and work with local creative communities in dreaming of new solutions for our world's hardest-to-solve problems.

Geoffrey Mosigisi

l am going to write a book that is good to make students to learn to be innovative from the OpenIDEO platform because I found out that the ideas submitted are inspiring, that can make them be creative.

Heidi Cody

I will educate about climate action, and help climate groups pass carbon pricing legislation.

Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya

I want to improve the health of mother and child by raising public awareness in infants and young child feeding and gender in my community.

Jessica Bernheim

I want to continue to empower college students to create positive social change in their communities through Kinetic Global, a social innovation incubator for college students.

Jyotima Prasad

I am awakening the gratitude consciousness in every human I interact with. I have a vision of creating a grateful, compassionate world.

Katarzyna Pado

I hope to find a good (improving people's lives) purpose for my Industrial Design graduation project.

Kim Shore

I want to see great education and family planning in least developed countries. I want to see a food revolution to address human and planetary health.

Laura Jana

I aim to more broadly inform and unite people, organizations and policymakers alike around the cultivation of 21st century skill development by bringing to light the foundational importance of the first five years!

Lynn Ann Casey

Federal Government agencies continue to get more complex and create complexity for citizens. I’d like us to rally around simplifying the Government and making it more customer-centric.

Matt Krawczy

I want to build a framework for effective spontaneous collaboration.

Mpenga Kabundi

I want to design a food distribution system that will improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of nutritious food to boarding schools.

Olivia Gossett Cooper

I working on conscious consumerism in NYC and want to close the gap between the products consumers see in a store and what went into making those products.

Raiña Parks

I want a world where people respond out of loving kindness and not out of fear. I want to dream of this world and do what I can to make it happen in the physical.

Rikke Ulk

I will foster local sustainable communities to make up new solutions to local-global challenges.

Sara Llansa

I’m working to increase the number of high achieving, low-income students in our nation’s most selective colleges and universities.


I want to reduce shipping and packaging waste, which is becoming more substantial of a problem due to online shopping.


I want to increase sound health research output in order to influence the creation of policies that will help patients.

Vicky Tiegelkamp

Help design student to understand why management is important.

Xenia Moseley

I’d like us to rally around simplifying the government and making it more customer-centric.

Sierra Leone
Alhassan Sesay

I want to see us mitigate climate change in Sierra Leone. I'm working with schoolchildren to see how we can plant trees in different communities in the western area of Sierra Leone. I want to implement in many hamlets in Sierra Leone.

Nataly Arar

I want to be able to change the way we see cities and better ways to accommodate refugees (especially with climate change and overspilling wars).

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