How might we work alongside diverse local communities to address our most complex global issues?

Why Global Equity Matters

Our global community—the systems that influence it and the people, cultures, opinions, and perspectives that inhabit it—becomes only more complex each day.

Public health systems struggle to acclimate to the shifting challenges of urbanization and population boom; entire communities are pushed away from their homes across borders and into new environments; children across continents lack safe, quality education; young people struggle to access employment, feeling isolated and disconnected amongst an increasingly digital world.

Creating solutions to these complex challenges requires collaboration across sectors and geographies—from entrepreneurs and policymakers to philanthropists and local community members—sharing ideas and working in concert. Open innovation brings these key stakeholders together, driving community based innovations that can help us build a more stable and sustainable future for our world.


To address our most complex global issues, we need to collaborate across sectors. OpenIDEO is proud to have partnered with nonprofits, governments, corporations, educational institutions, VCs, and more.

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